Rebekah Dani

Entrepreneur, Educator, Writer, Artist, & Actress. You can catch me at your local coffee shop sippin' on an iced coffee w/ white mocha and soy milk, cheers to that.

So I am a native SoCal girl, grew up in the suburbs of LA and honestly as much as I have traveled it is still my favorite city around. Childhood was fun but I wasn't your "normal" child. I was the youngest of 7 children (I mean who really turns out normal with that many older siblings). But don't worry, I loved every bit of it. I long for nothing more than to have a large, crazy but fun family when I get married. 

I've always been a lover of many things. At first I thought that when I was a child I was just indecisive, actually let's be honest I'm still indecisive, but for reals...I was actually discovering the many passions that were hidden deep within my heart. I spent so much time trying to figure out what "my thing" was, and it didn't help that it wasn't normal to follow more than one career path. Many people told me who I should be, or what I should be doing, but I learned quickly that if I didn't follow my passions life would become very boring and meaningless for me. I had a plan to change the world with my life, somehow and someway I would make an impact. It wasn't always that way but it was through understanding more of who God was that I began to understand more of who I was and what He had for me. 

So I began to pursue the many passions that were tucked in this big heart of mine and I began to recognize a theme. All of my passions revolved around arts, creativity, and business. I got the opportunity to go to school for the one thing I told myself I would study since childhood, music. I received a Bachelors in Music & Worship and didn't stop there. I went on to pursue my Masters in Business degree and most likely will continue on down the road. What I do really depends on what day of the week it is, seriously. I'm truly a creativepreneur which is a combination of an entrepreneur, creative, and business developer. I've had the delight of owning my own event coordination business for the past 3 years and man do I love to plan events. Besides that, I was a freelance creative consultant for months but decided to make it into an official business. Yes, it was a big step but sometimes you gotta just go for it. Even in the process of forming and prepping, sometimes the best step is to start. I am starting small and working my way to where I want to be, focusing on startups, small businesses, and creatives who want to up their game and attract their ideal audience. 

I never was made to love one thing, so why try to be anything else.

Sure, sometimes I think life could be simpler if I just did one thing but I've tried it and my heart has never come alive in those seasons of my life. I lost motivation and creative inspiration. Some days my mind takes a bit more time to switch from one to the next but I'd rather be right here. Crazy schedules; business meeting after wedding after audition. Because in this my heart is fulfilled, it is thriving, it is living. So that's what you'll see here, various passions coming together under one goal; to live a life that radically impacts another. So enjoy, and thanks for stoping by.