What I Do


     Rebekah Dani Creative is a boutique coaching & consulting agency that specializes in belief system and dream coaching. As well as, small business strategy, branding, & social media marketing. I am passionate about educating creatives and small business owners on building an overall professional business presence whether online or in shop. I measure success by increase profitability and attraction of your ideal audience.



Are you ready to step into the life you dream of living? Coaching is a great tool in helping you move past any road blocks or limiting beliefs that is keeping you from living free and experiencing the life you long to have.


Who I Work With


Local businesses, virtual businesses, and entrepreneurial bosses alike. No matter what kind of business you are or wanting to be, standing out in your industry is important. I commit to educating you for your specific business needs and increased visibility for your business that brings in notable results.


The blogger, social media influencer, move makers and community engagers, we are here for you. Today there are creative companies popping up every day but how do they really catch the eye of their audience? It's through brand appeal, presence, and an overall vision that pulls people in. 


The musicians, dancers, poets, painters, writers, and other performing and visual reformers. It takes much commitment to make that simple hobby into a full stream career. Not only commitment to the art but to the presentation of it. I commit to helping you display your true self and the beauty within your craft.


Business Strategy

Are you a start-up or heading in a new direction with your business? I offer one-on-one small business consulting with a range of services. I help you create strategy with ease and tangible results.

Work With Me


I only take on a limited amount of projects at a time to ensure each client the quality work they deserve. I care about my clients feeling like I am involved in every step of the work process. If you are interested in learning more about my services and custom pricing or if you are interested in working with me, please click below. 



Branding is not just a logo but an experience. Whether you are starting a new brand or re-branding an old one, let me help you create a cohesive and creative brand that will capture future clients.