Living Dreamer

"One whom does not just dream dreams but lives them." My first brand child and a platform where I hope that the stories of my life will simply evoke courage and bravery in you to step out and pursue the things that are far beyond your capability to achieve. 

Every great dream begins with a dreamer
— Harriet Tubman

Hello! Bekah here, dream extraordinaire and advocate of living the life you long to have. That's what Living Dreamer is all about. It's a phrase that simply means 'One whom does not just dream dreams but lives them,' a mantra that demands action behind the act of dreaming.

We all have dreams. Whether that is to one day travel to your favorite place, quit your 9-5 job, fall in love, or make lots of money. No matter what it is, without action a dream remains just that, a dream. So what's stopping you from pursuing the life you long to have? Is it fear, expectation of others, money, or whatever else can be telling you that it's not possible? 

May your choices reflect your hopes: not your fears.
— Nelson Mandela

As much as dreaming can be a stagnant act I have learned that dreaming is just the beginning, the preface to the rest of the story. Some dreams may seem outside our realistic expectations of life, but let me tell you that those are the ones that, if pursued, radically change the course of our lives. They are worth the continuous hard work, late nights, long days, disappointments and many many no's before ever hearing one yes. 

So what is it? What is the thing that makes your heart come alive, that feeds your soul, or that brings you complete fulfillment? Now do it. Yes, I said it because it's as simple as that. You can live life that fulfills you. Sure it isn't easy, I work my butt off to be able to do what I love and still take care of my adulting responsibilities but it is oh so worth it. So, let's do it together. Let's go on this journey of dreaming together, of living out the deep passions of our hearts and not doing it alone. Because hey, the more the merrier right?! So cheers to you, the dreamer, the doer, the seeker, the lover, the wanderer. Dream on beautiful one.