Happy 1 Year Bloggiversary!

Wow, it's been one full year! I cannot believe it, yikes, time does go by so fast. In the past year of starting this blog there have definitely been bumps in the road. Sometimes having no inspiration to write but needing to dig so deep down in my gut knowing there is something there if I search hard enough. I truly started this for me, as a way to push myself to grow, learn, explore, and be seen. I have so many more ideas for where this could go but 1 year in and it is still the beginning. I still am growing, learning, exploring and allowing myself to be seen and it's not easy sometimes. I know there's more, I know that I can dig deeper, I know that there are greater stories worth telling that I am finding the courage to do so. Who knows what another year will hold, but all I know is that I just hoped to touch one life with my stories and in the last year it's gone further than I imagined. Thank you. Yea you, the one who tuned in, subscribed, commented, and encouraged me along the way, it means more than you know. I hope you'll continue on this journey with me and let's see together where another year will take us. 

So here it is, my first ever blog. I read through this and still feel as though it is as relevant now as it was then. In celebration of this year, here's where it all started. Enjoy :)

"It's a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you're ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now."

- Unknown

As I think about this anonymous quote, I think of every decision I have ever made in my life. Majority of the time there was not some huge sign in front of me that said "the time is now, go Bekah go," if only it was that easy! But it was more like this opportune moment where I was faced with a crossroad and a decision was necessary to move forward. I know that everyday I am faced with crossroads but for some reason the daily crossroads seem so much easier to tackle. Despite the size of the crossroad, me and decisions have been on this journey for the last two years where we have had to become more acquainted with each other. Since I turned 25 it just seems like decisions automatically went to a whole other level. Everyone talks about how much they just "can't adult today" but as much as I may not want to it doesn't stop all the decisions I have to make as an adult from sitting right there beside my bed with a devilish little smile on its face waiting for me to finally wake up.

I used to be one of those people that when it came time to make a decision, one that I deemed beyond my own capability to make, I would just let it marinate for weeks. I would pray, fast, intercede whatever it took to get my final answer from the Lord on what was going to be "right." I mean this happened even on the smallest decisions of "hey, want to get some coffee tomorrow?" "Let me pray about it, I will let you know." I mean I kind of chuckle now that I think about it. Two years ago God had a very honest conversation with me, it was similar to that moment when a parent has to sit their child down, who is over the age of 21 and still living in the house with no job, and kindly ask them to leave and go find themselves. But with as much grace and love as possible I felt the Father kindly say, "Bekah, it is now time for me to no longer make decisions for you. I am no longer going to give you the final say. I have raised you up well and you have been given the tools needed, such as wisdom and discernment, to make powerful and confident decisions." Just as I was about to say, "get behind me satan!," the Lord spoke again, "this does not mean I will not guide you, reveal truth about different paths, give you peace, or share my thoughts, but in the end you have free will to make the final decision. In order for you to grow more in your faith then it is time for you to leave the house." Talk about a reality check!

As I started to think and process this more, I realized that it all comes down to a choice. Many times the reason we blame God for things is because we say, but God you told me! When in reality God does not force us to make any decision, we have a choice. As much as it is easier to not own my decisions, and well blame the bad ones on "the Lord told me to," I realized as a mature follower of Christ it was time to recognize my identity as a powerful decision maker.

As I have gotten older I realize more and more how much I used to linger around making huge life decisions because I was ultimately afraid of failing and getting myself so far off the path God had for me that it would take so much work to get back. But another realization is that we can never get "too far off" to the point that God cannot use the path we chose and help us move forward and continue on to where He is guiding us. This relationship between me and decision making has definitely developed and gotten stronger over the last two years. It is still not the easiest and some days I wish God could just make decisions for me, but what would I look like as an adult asking my parents to make all my decisions...I don't they would happily consider. This decision thing has help me to see that as much as I have the power to choose a path, I also have the power to change that path. It is such a simple concept but once I started to understand it, it helped me from thinking one choice will ruin my life. If I chose a path and after a bit realized I no longer liked where it was taking me, all I would have to do is choose another. It takes away the pressure of having to perform or be perfect so that no one knows you messed up. Just as a baby is encouraged to get right back up and try again when learning to walk, the things we think are failures the Father just says, "child get up, you can do this, just try again." So, are we ever ready when life throws at us all these adult decisions, no, but that's okay. The only things we must do is choose and try our best. 


Sunday Brunch

This is the power of gathering: it inspires us to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful. In a word, more alive. - Alice Walker

I love gatherings, especially the ones filled with good company, great convo, and food! We don't always take the time to intentionally gathering and talk about life but I know that my life doesn't function without it. I need community. Seeing as my love language is quality time this filled my love tank to be surrounded by wonderful women and discuss our passions, history, and dreams. If possible this would happen weekly, but for now I will just enjoy and bask in the opportunities to gather. Enjoy!


Getting Past The Plateau Of Writers Block


At some point I feel like almost everyone has thought about or tried starting a blog either for personal use or as part of a business website. It's just what people do, they have an idea and then they think, oh maybe I'll blog about it. Yes many blogs are different but what many people don't think about is, what happens when your inspiration leaves? That's not like the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to start something, it seems to dampen the mood of excitement about something fresh and new. So we write down all that comes to mind, or well at least I did, and I came up with a plan of action and a schedule. Well seeing as I had never done a blog before I just assumed, this is enough. Yes having a schedule is great but what I didn't think too much about was what if I sit down to write and nothing comes to me? I think every creative goes through this but in their own field. Trying to write music, choreograph, paint, graphic design, photography, and so on, we all experience some kind of plateau moment where we feel a bit unmotivated and stagnant. So what do you do? 

So I'm going on my eleventh month of blogging and I was definitely in this flow of writing. Just after taking a short holiday break from blogging, to spend time with family, I began to noticed that I would sit down at my computer and...nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sometimes I would sit for 30 mins at a time and I would notice that the moment I closed my laptop I would get ideas of blogs. Again I would open up my laptop excited to write what just came to me and my mind would blank... really?! It was frustrating. The funny thing is every writer and creative experiences it. But it doesn't make it any less discouraging when it happens.
I'm noticing that as simple as it may be, to get past writers block you must *drum roll please* KEEP WRITING. The worst thing to do is put your pen down and just wait to see if anything happens. There is a moment when what we do has to become a discipline and we learn to push past the blockage and write. Even if that means writing about how you have nothing to write about ha! I've done it, a few times, trust me. With anything there are seasons filled with passion and desire, which automatically produces inspiration and other seasons where that passion and desire are no where to be found. And that is when we learn the craft of commitment. Sticking with it and not giving up. Don't always feel the need to write with an agenda, a wonderful help to writers block is finding random prompts online and get some new juices flowing. Remain in a community of creatives and writers. Many times inspiration comes from reading something else. If your not reading, expect for you inspiration to be short lived. Subscribe to other bloggers, keep your mind thinking creatively. And lastly don't always write in the same environment, get out, change up the scenery and be inspired by your surroundings. I am coming up to my one year anniversary of blogging next month and a short moment of writers block will not cause me to give up that easily so you don't either. If you had a blog and stopped or your struggling with ideas, change things up do whatever you can to stay consistent and not quit, you got this! Check out two of my favorite writing prompt articles below!


Writing Prompt Options: 

First, Second

Taking Stock | January


I cannot believe that in one week we will already be done with the first month of 2017! I'm realizing how much I need to keep my eye open and attentive because next thing I know we will be moving into 2018, which in general sound unreal. But anyways, I skipped Taking Stock December due to breaking from social media during the holidays. So here I am now evaluating after 3 weeks of a new year what has been my focus. So here we go...

Lately I’ve Been…

Loving: And appreciating the amazing groups of friends God has blessed me with. Again, I am reminded this month of the people in my life that I will forever invest in and allow to be invested in and grow in connection with. 

Attempting: To take my dreams more serious, and put more action steps in front of them 

Dreaming: About where I get to travel to this year, first place is Israel (silent scream)

Making: Time for me to rest and relax, I have for too long pushed my body to extreme moments of exhaustion and this year it is becoming a priority to rest and just have moments of doing absolutely nothing. 

Cooking: A lot of recipes from Pinterest because I am needing a switch in my meals

Drinking: Lots and lots of tea since I decided to give up coffee for the month

Reading: Just finished a book called "Keep Your Love On," it was my second time reading it and it is still in my top 5 favorite books, such amazing revelation about doing relationships well.

Wanting: Just a secluded place to take a two day retreat, I love solitude retreats and I haven't done one in a while and it is about that time.

Looking: For some new writing inspiration, honestly there are seasons when I feel that I can write about anything and everything and others where I am struggling just to journal about my day. I'm just in the middle of those two right now, but needing some fresh inspiration.

Playing: This playlist on Spotify called Piano Ballads, and missing my undergrad life when I was surrounded by talented musicians and beautiful music was made at all times through the day. 

Buying: Only what is necessary, let's be honest I am on a strict budget while trying to get these school debts paid off

Accomplishing: Some small but truly rewarding business goals

Giving: Freely, because it cost me nothing to love people.

Wishing: That I had an endless amount of time throughout the day to do all the things I wanted plus sleep, this would be a perfect world. 

Enjoying: Each day for what it is, I can so easily get caught up in planning for the upcoming week that I find myself missing what is happening in the now. Not anymore, I want to soak up all that I can this year and cherish the moments of connection because seasons change so quickly.

Waiting: Honestly to finally meet someone (a guy) who is secure in himself and bold enough to completely state his intentions from the beginning. Sadly this is not something that is flourishing in many men these days. Until then I'm in no rush to be with anything less. 

Believing: In myself, as much as that is such a cliche statement I realized how much I doubt who I am, what I offer, and what I capable of. It happens far too often and I've realized that I have been very intention about positive self-talk and affirming who I know that I am.  

Liking: That I am making my well being a top priority this year.

Wondering: Sometimes where I will be at the end of this year, I just love to imagine and write down what my predictions are and then see what truly takes place.
Hoping: That February won't go by as fast as January has

Accepting: More and more the story of my life that I bring to the table, my experiences, failures, successes, and all the growth that has come through it all.

Needing: A higher pay grade...but that's me and everyone else on this earth.

Removing: Negativity from my surroundings, even from my own self-talk. 

Noticing: That I have been doing good about keeping up with commitments I have made to myself, which makes me truly happy. 

Knowing: That I truly have the power to change my life. If there is something I don't like, I have the ability to change it, rather than living from this powerless place of allowing things to just happen to me.

Thinking: A lot differently about how I look at life, the situations that occur and how I handle them. This is truly what determines how I will experience life. 

Opening: Myself up more to the will of God in my life, continuing to surrender daily to what His plans are for me.

Feeling: Amazing about the progress I have made in the last year, on multiple levels.

Creating: Continuously, making myself stay in this place of creative inspiration, even when I don't feel it, continuing until the inspiration comes. As creatives we can easily give up when we are not "feeling it."

Want to try yourself? Copy and Paste below! Share your answers in the comments below. 
































Neiman Marcus, Please & Thank You

Hello friends, its my first post of the new year since I took a bit of a break during the holidays. Well as much of a break as you might call it, due to all the family in town, friends off work, and parties to go to, theres not much time to actually have a vacation. But no matter what it's still my favorite season of the year!

So I thought I'd start out my first style post of 2017 focused around a new favorite pair of shoes I received for Christmas. I had been wanting this exact style of boots and well thanks to the lovely family members who know me oh so well, that's just what I got. This outfit I simply put together with my shoes as the focus point and it is simple enough to duplicate with pieces that are similar. This time I choose to stick mostly to black but added in some color with my navy jeans. I think what I loved most is that I ended up stopping here in this garage on the way to our actually photoshoot spot and loved it more than the original plan. Everything about it fit with the look I was going for. It was a quick shoot but fun to play with the lighting of this garage and my photographers new lens. Check it out, and comment with your own version of this style. 


Shirt: H&M || Jacket: Forever 21 ||  Jeans: H&M || Belt: H&M|| Shoes: Neiman Markus || Purse: Michael Kors

Photography: Rachel Marie Photography